The Ultimate Abs Workout Collection for Women Over 50


Why watch your waist expand and your activities shrink with each passing year?
Start now with a core strengthening program carefully designed for you — the woman in her second half of life.

Or choose:

  • back pain
  • feeling “matronly”
  • a fallen souffle of a belly
  • “Old lady” posture
  • a wardrobe of pants with elastic waistbands

 — these can all be yours if you do nothing.
A little later we will tell you our number one tip to motivate you from “stuck” to “start” with any fitness routine.  But first, we’re going to bust the myth that a 6-pack indicates a strong, age-defying core. 

A 6-pack certainly looks good. Yeah, we gotta admit that! And it does indicate low body fat. But it says nothing about the ability to function well in daily life, do fun physical activities or maintain amazing posture.
The exercises in this program are all about function and true core strength. 

The Ultimate Abs Workout Collection for Women Over 50 offers

  • More than 25 online videos
  • a downloadable PDF Manual
  • answers to real questions from real readers
  • URLs and links you can bookmark to return to whenever and as often as you like
  • embedded links to additional resources.

Take your workouts and instructions anywhere. Save them to your computer, laptop, iPad, or smartphone; upload them to the cloud so you can access them any time and any place. Yup, digital products weigh nothing, are quite packable, and can travel to your office, home or overseas.

#1 Tip to Get Started with ANY exercise program

Did you think we forgot our promise to reveal the #1 tip to go from couch potato to motivated exerciser? Yeah, we know the memory starts to wander after age 50. But we are ON IT! 

To move from “stuck” to “start” ask yourself “What is the LEAST I am willing to do?” Forget perfection and all the “rules” you’ve heard. Establish the MINIMUM you will commit to today. Then do it. Just that one little action. (We hope it’s one from the program we developed for you. But ANY action will work). 

Start your transformation by clicking this link to peek behind the curtain and own “The Ultimate Abs Collection for Women Over 50” today.

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