Better Balance; Fewer Falls


Have Better Balance and Fewer Falls

Did you know that more than 100 US adults over 65 die every day from falls?
While women fall more often than men, fall-related death rates are higher for men.
Improve your balance for everyday tasks, for travel, for a fulfilling retirement. For life.
Gain freedom and confidence to move, walk, and function with a spring in your (upright) step.

Course Description

Whether you are engaging in balance exercises for yourself or you are a fitness professional wanting to help your clients, you can create effective, science-based, cutting-edge balance workouts. The “Better Balance; Fewer Falls” course is loaded with proven practical tasks and exercises that may help you or your clients reduce fall risk, improve posture, and stave off associated memory decline. Choose modifications and options offered for various skill levels. Move Confidently - Reduce Fall Risk - Make Progress.

Why Get this Program

As we age, we become increasingly interested in maintaining balance. Our fear of falling has either been realized or we anticipate falling as we look at our parents’ or friends’ experiences. Older adults want to ford streams when hiking, climb stairs abroad where no railings exist, and recover when they do fall. The proven techniques provided in this program help you achieve these goals.

What You Get with this Program

Gain access to 64 1-5 minute movement videos, some with several progressions and options within a single video, others showing one exercise or task at a time. You can mix and match or focus on a particular skill or goal, whether you have 10 minutes or an hour. You will also have access to 5 ready-made lesson plans of 45 minutes each. Simply pick a session, follow the lesson plan, and know you are moving closer to your goals.

The Course Includes

  • 2 short Intro videos defining the goals and what to expect from the course
  • A video library with 64 short videos ranging from 1 to five minutes, each showing and describing a task to improve balance, posture, strength, and cognition.
  • A 62-page PDF manual
  • 5 Sample Sessions with Ready-to-Go Curriculum. Print or Load, Follow Along, and off you go!
  • A detailed list of the 64 videos, organized by primary objective, equipment used, and movement category
  • Access to Relevant Articles, Webinars, Interviews written or held by me (addressed to Fitness Professionals, though relevant to consumers as well)

5 Learning Objectives For Fitness Professionals

By adding this program to your professional repertoire, you will be able to:

  1. Create and tailor workouts for your clients or class members concerned with balance and fall risk
  2. Address a huge, important niche that is largely untapped
  3. Identify and incorporate the principles needed to select appropriate
  4. Mix and match program elements to create relevant sessions, whether
    for single clients or group classes
  5. Create balance-related movement tasks that are effective and

7 Program Benefits For Consumers

By pursuing this program, you may be able to:

  1. Reduce fall risk
  2. Improve function and ability to perform Activities of Daily Life
  3. Move with more agility and energy
  4. Increase or maintain functional independence
  5. Improve ankle mobility, hip mobility, foot stability & lower leg
  6. Tailor workouts to your needs
  7. Increase gait speed and movement confidence

Access your “Better Balance; Fewer Falls” videos and PDF Manual anywhere, anytime, as often as you like. Get your private link and download or stream at your convenience. 

Start your TransformAging now by clicking this link to see what lies on the other side. Own “Better Balance; Fewer Falls” today.

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